"Daca vrei sa trezesti intreaga omenire, atunci trezeste-te tu pe de-a-ntregul; daca vrei sa elimini suferinta din lume, atunci elimina tot ce este intunecat si negativ in tine.
Cu adevarat, cel mai mare dar pe care il ai de oferit este propria ta transformare!"

Lao Tzu

luni, 9 noiembrie 2015

Lazy Moon-day

 Moon is Void All Day Today
Nov 9, 2015 - Hi folks, here's a quick heads up -- the moon is void ALL day today. 'Void Moon' means that the moon is floating between signs, in this case Libra and Scorpio. Moon Void is a fuzzy kind of space. Our day may have a floating feeling. So you might want to hold off on taking important actions today, even though it's a new work week. Maybe plan a nap.:) Best yet: focus on getting some balance before the intensity arrives in the form of the New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday. Take it easy and breezy, you may feel a bit foggy:)

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