"Daca vrei sa trezesti intreaga omenire, atunci trezeste-te tu pe de-a-ntregul; daca vrei sa elimini suferinta din lume, atunci elimina tot ce este intunecat si negativ in tine.
Cu adevarat, cel mai mare dar pe care il ai de oferit este propria ta transformare!"

Lao Tzu

miercuri, 4 noiembrie 2015

A Last Quarter Moon of Recognition and Healing

Tuesday's Last Quarter Moon is an interesting lunation, in part because it features an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars, in aspect with Saturn, and also a near-exact opposition between Jupiter in mid-Virgo and Chiron, in mid-Pisces. As the Moon in Leo completes its closing square with the Sun, now in Scorpio, the creative tension can lead to conflict and yet also to greater understanding. The nature of this lunar phase is of a shift in perspective brought about by the experiences of the prior three weeks, and in preparation for the advent of the next lunation cycle, which begins with next week's New Moon of November 11th. This current chart thus marks the starting point of this final week of the existing cycle. We are taking in what we have learned, in the intensity of these times of change, and applying this new comprehension to our evolving situation, individually, and in terms of important bonds of relationship connection with each other.

Mars and Venus together in late Virgo denote an interesting symbolism that could hint at interpersonal harmony. It can also be that the energy of Mars for contention seems to overwhelm the peaceful intentions of a strongVenus placement, so that it up to individual choice whether this aspect makes for getting along, or for conflict. Over this remaining week of the old Libra-oriented cycle, no matter how this aspect works itself out in our relationship dynamics, we can in any case learn much about ourselves, and the psychological underpinning of our behavior. 

If the potential for conflict does arise, this could trigger reactivity, and as well the opportunity to grow through recognizing where we are stuck in old patterns. This is the province of Chiron, representing the astrological archetype of the Wounded Healer, powerfully present in this Last Quarter Moon configuration. With Mercury, now in Scorpio, in close aspect to both Chiron and Jupiter in opposition, there is a thoughtful process in place, whereby we can perhaps see our fundamentally wounded nature all the more clearly. There is no real shame in admitting this basic human factor, for we all of us have at some point in our early lives been wounded, usually unintentionally, by circumstances, by our peers or by parental figures unaware of their power to cause lasting and unresolved hurt. As we grow and mature, we can move beyond these painful and stuck places inside us by concerted effort, but only if we are willing to acknowledge them. It greatly helps if we are able to witness, in a non-judgmental way, any reactivity that emerges. We can then attempt to detect the underlying cause, and accept ourselves in all our parts, in even these dark places within our psyches.

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun and Moon in this Last Quarter Moon configuration might also shed some light on these and similar issues. They are, for the Sun, in the eleventh degree of Scorpio, "A drowning man rescued," reminding us of our power to heal an existing difficult psychological situation. Marc Edmund Jones remarks on "the soul's personal immortality," and "inherent courage, which constitutes a protection from the vicissitudes of life." He goes on to state that, "the very accidents of circumstance can be counted on to serve ... as long as [one] maintains an underlying enthusiasm of being." For the Moon in the same degree of Leo, we find a symbol of this enthusiasm, in, "Children on a swing in a huge oak tree." For this symbol Jones remarks on, "satisfaction in the normal exercise of selfhood" and "the high dependability [of] physical and social sustainments." He invokes "a special refreshment of the spirit ... through continual development." Indeed we have here in the schoolroom of planet Earth all that we need, and can achieve the grace and life affirmation that we seek, with a simple gesture. We have only to turn to it.


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