"Daca vrei sa trezesti intreaga omenire, atunci trezeste-te tu pe de-a-ntregul; daca vrei sa elimini suferinta din lume, atunci elimina tot ce este intunecat si negativ in tine.
Cu adevarat, cel mai mare dar pe care il ai de oferit este propria ta transformare!"

Lao Tzu

duminică, 1 februarie 2015

Februarie 2015

I really thought I'd got away with it. I diligently backed up my work, organised myself and put off buying some tickets but no…Mercury still had a trick up his sleeve. My emails stopped working at the Mercury-Sun retrograde conjunction. There was a problem with my website host server. An hour later, still tapping my fingers and waiting for my emails to start working, my internet went down entirely – a problem with my internet provider that left thousands without access. I had to laugh. Only that morning I'd been thinking that I really must cut down on some of my internet time. I'm inclined to wander around the web sometimes. I get distracted! So Mercury obliged and gave me some [enforced] down time!

Mercury will station retrograde on the 11th February, releasing us from communication and computer glitches. Hopefully, the inner journey has been fruitful and some new perspectives have been embraced.
February 2015

We've had thundersnow, we've had high winds, we've had rain, hail and more rain and yet still my daffodils are growing, letting me know that one day soon it WILL be spring!

The Pagan festival of Imbolc is celebrated on the 2nd February in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the first stirrings of spring. Snowdrops are pushing up through the frozen ground, their delicate, white flowers symbolic of the Goddess who is returned to her virginal state at this festival. Sacred to the Goddess Brigit, this is the time of year to purify and cleanse. Brigit is also patron of poets and seers, smithcraft, childbirth and she is also associated with fire. A flame dedicated to Brigit still burns in County Kildare, Ireland today.

Celebrate this festival by cleansing your home. Burn a white candle. Ask for inspiration, healing and purification from dis-ease. This is a time of new beginnings and celebration as the Sun begins to grow in strength and the ground begins to warm. Whilst still in the depths of winter, nature reminds us that soon the weather will turn, the trees will blossom and the winter will be behind us.
Transiting Yod – Jupiter quincunx Pluto and Chiron.
From the 14th February to around the 7th March, we have a transiting Yod pattern gracing the skies. This Finger of God points to Jupiter in Leo with Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces at the base.

Pluto sextile Chiron shows you have an opportunity to be transformed through healing. With Jupiter at the apex of the yod, questions may arise such as 'Do I believe I can really heal?'. Do I believe that things can change?

Maybe you are unsure of how you feel. There are so many mentors, teachers and guides available. So many systems of belief, religions, faiths and practices. Maybe it's hard to be certain of which resonate with you. Who do you believe? Who do you turn to for guidance? There may be issues of who to trust.

The solution is to turn within for guidance. Learn to trust you own feelings so that you know what appeals to your heart. Ask for guidance from the universe. Listen to your intuition. If there is a path, person or method of healing that calls your attention, find out the facts, get some practical advice. Pluto is suspicious of 'cure alls' and Jupiter is blithely happy go-lucky. Balance the two extremes to find the right approach for you.

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